Thursday, November 20


As the water shapes the riverbed and her stones, external events -
fair, or unfair - have shaped me. Is that justice?

Tuesday, November 18


 "All That Is" (Creator and Creation) can be described by just three words

    * Stillness
    * and
    * motion

food for thought

Here's something for you to chew on . . . 

Daily Compass:  

    * When available, use Inspiration to make choices.
    * Otherwise, use resonance to make choices.
    * Use flow to continue/pause choices. 

Sunday, November 16

free flow

It's not so much about doing something different, getting something,
causing something to happen. It's about removing, eliminating, all
that is extraneous, unnecessary and blocking our flow. If we endeavor
to remove the blockages, spirit (grace, god, universal life energy,
light, love, etc.) will flow through us freely. Our egos build little
blockades in the effort to channel the great force that is essential
to our nature.