Saturday, February 28


relief, goal obtained

effort somewhat arduous

breathe, for now it's done

Friday, February 27

good morning

the morning is pink

and the periwinkle sky

sparkles possiblities

Thursday, February 26



where souls travel

on their way

out to sea

Wednesday, February 25


I feel like writing a rhyme

it may end up being all about time

or maybe I'll ponder space

I've been wondering about that place

we go when we sleep

sometimes it feels so deep

maybe it's a journey

to a place not far away

but to a spot that's very near

and can hold more

than a little fear

Tuesday, February 24

winter's release



a shorter month

more intense


a time of change

shifting winds

until the springtime

takes the upper hand

Monday, February 23


inaction does not exist

choose to act? choose to react?

we each must decide;

which is easier? we ask

it all depends on the frame

Sunday, February 22

oaks' power

two oaks standing, reach

for the sky. reaching low, their

roots tap the earth and

 wisely ground the animals

who live to roam and protect

Saturday, February 21

aging (viewed in the light)

like cherry blossoms

delicate, splendid, short-lived

giving way to fruit

nourishing richness, the seed

within, promises new life

Friday, February 20

symmetry and synchronicity

symmetry shows reflection


shows connection; both hold the

mystery and are held in

 our collective history

Thursday, February 19

fear or trust?

feeling swept away

and carried by the current

only for a day

why resist and keep control?

honor trust, there is no fail

if effort prevails

and keeps life tied and trussed

with no surprises,

still there is no guarantee

the result would be more just

so when the mighty river swells,

I'll endeavor to let go,

enjoy the ride, and trust.

Wednesday, February 18

peace within

coming home

to that space inside

filled with love and never fear

always someone there to hear

hay siempre personna que oir

listening silently

to all that is dear

Tuesday, February 17


prisms suspended
the sun's pure light divided
revealing depth

Monday, February 16


what is the rain saying to me?

it whispers so softly

and moistens the dry

softly, like cotton

la lluvia


the earth, and her animals;

her plants and her rocks

raindrops and torrents

through treetops and forests


for rain, do not exist

courageously, it does persist

until one day, the sun will shine

and rain will go until

it's time

Sunday, February 15

Air Moves Us

Air moves us
Fire transforms us
Water shapes us
Earth heals us
And the balance of the wheel
Goes round and round
And the balance of the wheel goes round.

- Cathleen Shell, Cybele, Moonsea, Prune

seasonal pattern

rather than reasons

we have our four seasons


each with a different voice


born to hope


rains refresh

and bring growth


while harvest

brings us the "prize"


finally time comes

to rest a bit


we close our weary eyes

Saturday, February 14

dimensions of experience

we notice space

we notice time

but when you look,

can't you see -

all that is and all that could be?

decide what you want

and then observe

signs will

show you what to note

follow your river

stay on your boat

and you will get

to where you're going

then when you arrive,

you will see

all will be


what you believe

Thursday, February 12


oh how I savor the unfolding knowing

which the years surely do bring


I can't understand it

the message was sent

but now we are turning towards spring


the rain keeps on falling

not really squalling


bringing on feeling

and subsequent healing

to our infinite world's own pain


sun and rain

wind and fire

cancel the game



Wednesday, February 11

life on earth

poetry and reason

faithfulness and treason

arbitrary seasons

all wrapped into


Tuesday, February 10


one night I understood


all that is,

is connected


because this theory

bends my mind,

I asked for signs


spacetime bent and complied

Monday, February 9


gazing through the glass

 the dark provides reflection

light shows us the truth

Sunday, February 8

tanka on the mountain

at times the light dims

energy diffused, dispersed

shifting inertia

at the summit, feel the sun

recharge, shine; above the fog

Saturday, February 7

bad dreams

There sometimes can be fear

when darkness swallows light

I promise to shine bright on you

when nighttime brings on fright

Friday, February 6

early spring

deep roots, baby leaves

tiny blossoms now appear

harvest foreshadowed

Thursday, February 5


Nurtured by the earth

And inspired by the sky

The trees synthesize

Wednesday, February 4


I always know

just what I know

but how do I know?

I just know it,

you know.

Tuesday, February 3



by a virus,

 rest is all he needs;

his body knows,

just what to do;

healing is automatic

Monday, February 2

Feb 1st & 2nd

the sun rises warm
burning fog from the landscape
i am radiant


the first flowers bloom
yellow, to announce the spring
coming, in due time
the wheel, always in motion;
after resting, our earth shines


We can (and must) burn off our own fog.

Sunday, February 1


the first flowers bloom
yellow, to announce the spring
coming, in due time
the wheel, always in motion;
after resting, our earth shines